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Formerly: Okotoks Area Range Patrol and Crime Watch Association

A member of Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association

The Okotoks Range Patrol Association merged with the DeWinton Rural Crime Watch Association in 2004, to form Okotoks Area Range Patrol and Crime Watch Association. In 2013 the name was changed to Okotoks Area Rural Crime Watch Association. The Association is a non-profit society for members of the public who want to help reduce crime in our area, by keeping a watchful eye out and reporting suspicious activity to the RCMP and Natural Resources (formerly Fish & Wildlife). The Association is sponsored by the RCMP, The Farmer's Advocate Office, the Alberta Cattle Commission, Western Stock Growers, Natural Resources, and the Department of Justice and serves an area of over 270 square miles around Okotoks.


How We Reduce Crime

With limited resources, the police cannot be everywhere. Members of the Association can help make our communities safer by directing police attention towards any unusual or possibly criminal activities. And you don't have to do anything different or special - just keep your eyes and ears open, and report right away. You could be the person to provide the information that prevents a crime, or solves a case! We encourage you to join us: the benefits for your community, your family, and for you are real and they are worthwhile. Take this link to download a membership application:

Okotoks and District Important Numbers:

911 For any Emergency:
403-933-4262 RCMP Dispatch to report any unusual activity in the Okotoks and surrounding area.
403-938-6600 Turner Valley & Foothills Rural RCMP office.
938-7046 Okotoks RCMP Administrative office.

To contact Okotoks Area Rural Crime Watch Association directly please call the Turner Valley & Foothills Rural RCMP office and ask for the Rural Crime Watch Liaison officer.



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Become a member Download our application form and join. Initial Membership $15. Annual Renewals $10.


Information Letter with general information on Okotoks Area Rural Crime Watch Association in pdf format.


Our Contact list:


Our Territory: A map showing our territory and the Okotoks Area Range Patrol and Crime Watch Association zones.


The Bulletin: Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association's most recent newsletter.


Bylaws: Okotoks Area Range Patrol Crime Watch Association By-Laws in pdf format.

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Miscellaneous Brochures: A collection of downloadable brochures in pdf format.


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Member of Okotoks and District Chamber of Commerce.

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